Inventory Management Atlanta, GA

Accuracy and detail is essential to the success of any logistics solution. Warehouse Basics is committed to ensuring 100% accurate inventories from the moment your product(s) arrive to the point to which they are shipped to the customer. "How to Processes" and routine cycle counts are performed to ensure the inventory is maintained at a 100% accuracy level.

Web enabled WMS

Accurate real-time visibility is our goal. Our web enabled visibility tool allows you to view your inventory level and shipments in real time through any internet browser connection. We can provide inventory information even to customers that prefer to run on custom or home grown systems using Excel databases.

Custom Inventory Interface

Warehouse Basics interfaces with multiple WMS systems as well as custom tailored software to complete the task at hand. Some of our accounts operate on sophisticated Excel spreadsheets designed to meet their specific needs, whereas most accounts are tracked within our WMS system. We can assist in creating a special process unique to your business or provide fixed programs within specific WMS systems.

Custom Metrics package to fit your needs

A phrase we don't stop believing is "What gets measured gets done!" Warehouse Basics will custom tailor a metrics package to provide you with the ongoing performance of all your key performance indicators. This can be modified to suit your individual needs.