Special Project Employment

In our specialized business we complete many special one time projects for some of our customers. In addition to our full time staff, we need people that can assist us when we obtain special projects from our customers. This presents us with the opportunity to hire people that can be “On Call” for projects. We are looking for people to that don’t necessarily want to work consistent hours but need or want to earn extra money. You don’t necessarily need to be forklift qualified, or familiar with warehouse operations, although it helps in some positions. Most projects need people that can use good common sense to complete the job at hand.

For example, if you are:

  • A retiree and want extra money but don’t want a full time job
  • A housewife that needs to be home by the time the kids leave or arrive from school or daycare
  • A student that needs a flexible schedule to work around classes
  • Want a part time job to fit around your full time position
  • Just want to work occasionally to keep yourself busy and get to work a variety of different types of work
  • Groups or organizations that are looking to secure or assist others in securing employment opportunities

If you can only work:

  • Certain days of the week
  • Want to only work mornings
  • Want to only work afternoons
  • Want to only work weekends
  • Willing to work a special project for several weeks as long as I don’t work all the time. (i.e.-minimum hours for social security)

Most opportunities will be from 4 to 6 hours per day per assignment.

If any of the above scenarios work for you, fill out the information here and tell us a little about yourself. We would like to set up schedules that can work for everyone!